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  • We have no doubt that the Coronavirus and the market volatility surrounding it have dominated your newsfeed of late. Naturally, this leads to questions and concerns about the market in general, and about how it impacts you specifically. It is true that there are a lot of variables at play, a great majority of them out of your control. What is under your control is how you respond, or not. ... Read more
  • By: Tyler Gallagher | As part of our series about what one should look for when hiring a financial planner or adviser, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff Motske, CFP®, president and CEO of Trilogy Financial, author of “The Couple’s Guide to Financial Compatibility” and host of “The Jeff Motske Show.” Jeff Motske, CFP®, is president and CEO of Trilogy Financial, a privately held financial planning firm headquartered in ... Read more
  • Steve Hartel joins Smart Money Circle Host Adam Sarhan in Part 2 to discuss Timeless Investing Lessons & The "Best" Advice. Steve oversees more than $2 billion in assets at Trilogy Financial. Listen now. The Host: Adam Sarhan, Author, Investor, and Forbes Contributor, interviews real money managers with over $100 million in assets under management (AUM) to help you learn timeless lessons from real-life money managers. Disclaimer: All our work ... Read more
  • Steve Hartel joins Smart Money Circle Host Adam Sarhan in this part 1 of 2 to discuss his investment strategy approach for clients. Steve oversees more than $2 billion in assets at Trilogy Financial. Listen now. The Host: Adam Sarhan, Author, Investor, and Forbes Contributor, interviews real money managers with over $100 million in assets under management (AUM) to help you learn timeless lessons from real-life money managers. Disclaimer: All ... Read more
  • For most people, retirement planning is a critical, but often overlooked, a step that they don’t face until later in life. Just like most things on Wall Street, there are several ways to successfully plan for your retirement, the key is to find one that works for you. That said, here are three timeless lessons for your consideration: 1. Enough Money Is Not Enough - Your Living Expenses Will Be ... Read more
  • Out of the estimated 48 million Americans living with some degree of hearing loss, only one in five wears hearing aids. The main reason? Cost. And these aren’t the only costs associated with hearing loss. Over the course of a lifetime, healthcare fees can add up to tens of thousands of dollars—or more. Here are tips to help you budget and plan for these expenses. Find a health insurance plan ... Read more
  • Written by: Alayna Okerlund | Last Updated February 24th, 2020  Congratulations! You just completed one of life’s greatest milestones: marriage. Whether you had an elegant reception or a lovely, intimate ceremony, you and your spouse are likely making plans for the life you two will build together. And that’s how it should be. Unfortunately, some newlyweds lose this level of excitement and bliss early on because they fail to be ... Read more
  • Written by: Cheryl Winokur Munk | Many grandparents are willing to help with college costs. One thing to keep in mind is that grandparent-owned 529s have a downside related to FAFSA, though there are workarounds. There are several ways grandparents can help pay for a grandchild’s education without giving money directly to the student. Grandparents, parents, and students must understand each of the options before deciding which one may be ... Read more
  • OC 500: Jeff Motske

    Founded 1999 … now $3B AUM, 20K clients, 200+ workers in 10 offices … clients $200K+ in assets … baseball player, Vanguard U, 1980s … hires athletes: ‘discipline’ … president, booster club, Pacifica Christian H.S. (see David Bahnsen) … on Trilogy softball team with father, son … plays bridge … supports Anaheim Ducks (see Tim Ryan) … first car: 1975 Chevy Malibu Click here to read the full story.  ... Read more
  • Written by: Kathryn Flynn | 529 plans are investment products designed to help families save for future education costs. A direct-sold 529 plan is a lower-cost, DIY option that can be opened online. Advisor-sold 529 plans must be purchased through a licensed financial advisor. There are many advantages to using an advisor-sold 529 plan. According to a study by Fidelity, 67 percent of families who work with a financial advisor feel they ... Read more
  • James Rooney hadn’t planned on carving out a niche working with deaf clients. But nearly 30 years after his first encounter with a deaf client, he has become Morgan Stanley’s go-to adviser for this unique community of clients. “If a deaf client were to walk into any Morgan Stanley office anywhere in the country, they will find me,” he said. Mr. Rooney, who is based in West Hartford, Conn., and has ... Read more
  • Written by: Jeff Motske | Veteran money counselors are aging apace with the baby boomers they serve, a sometimes troubling fact for those approaching retirement. They want to be sure their financial advisers will be there when they need them the most. As advisers retire, clients moving to the up-and-coming generation—ones they may feel lack sufficient experience and wisdom—can be challenging. What’s a boomer to do? Partners The key to ... Read more
  • College Savings Makeovers

    Written by: Kathryn Flynn | College is a major expense, and families without a plan for their children risk jeopardizing their retirement and future financial independence. Many financial advisors discuss college savings as part of a family’s overall financial plan. New parents, parents of high school students and grandparents all turn to financial advisors for help with college planning. Here are expert tips from financial advisors on how to help ... Read more
  • With heavy financial burdens like student loans, rent, credit card payments and more, starting “adult life” on the right foot can feel impossible for many Millennials and Gen-Zers. These generations often receive conflicting advice about how to achieve financial stability: Some experts urge them to pay off their debts as quickly as possible, while others tell them to start building their retirement nest egg while they’re young. While both paths are ... Read more
  • Starting and growing a business can be very challenging. While it’s possible to achieve some of your financial goals without consulting a financial planner, working with one can have more advantages to both your business and personal financial health. We spoke with experts who shared a few signs you need a financial planner. Here are the top 21 telltale signs you may need a financial planner: Click here to read ... Read more
  • Written by: Matthew Phillips | The last words of the email stood out the most. “… the thing is … we are deaf.” This is how the prospective client closed her message to me in 2017. When I agreed to meet with the woman and her husband, I was feeling uncertain about how to best communicate with them. To prepare, I added captions to my usual video presentation. But halfway ... Read more
  • Written by: Chelsea Emery | Jeff Motske has one of the strongest ways to tease out client priorities I’ve heard in quite a while. “What if?” Motske asks clients. “What if one if your partner needs critical care? What if you want to move to Arizona? What if one of your kids starts a family on the other side of the country?,” the CEO of Trilogy Financial asks. It’s deceptively ... Read more
  • Written by: Andrew Lisa | Roughly 1 in 2 Americans retire between the ages of 61 and 65, and nearly 1 in 5 retire before that. Most Americans also now take Social Security before their full retirement age, which varies by year of birth. Not only are people retiring earlier, but they're also living longer — much longer — and there's mounting evidence to suggest that early retirement often doesn't ... Read more
  • When Jeff Bezos started Amazon -- originally called Cadabra -- he announced, “Our goal is to be earth’s most customer-centric company.” Today Jeff Bezos calls it "customer obsession." As I explored why customer focus is the primary driver of many of the world’s most successful companies, I was thinking about conversations I had over the past year with CEOs who through customer-centric models are leading their industries. What I found ... Read more
  • Most Outrageous Client Requests

    Written by: By Amanda Schiavo | In your career as a planner, you’re bound to meet a character or two. Plus, when you consider the unique bond that develops in an advisor-client relationship, it makes sense you will field some, well, unorthodox requests from clients from time to time. Scroll through the following list to see advisors' favorite anecdotes on baffling, funny and just plain strange queries. Click here to read ... Read more
  • CEO Forum Magazine Jeff Motske

    "We all must work together for the client, connecting and collaborating to help solve their problems." - Jeff Motske Robert Reiss: Let's roll back to 1999. Talk about your vision for Trilogy. Jeff Motske: I created the model that we use at Trilogy Financial, which is the combination of tax, financial and estate planning. In my previous life I was in the retirement planning space, but I knew there was ... Read more
  • If you’re planning a wedding, this conversation is a must. Having debt is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, according to CNBC, 70 percent of college students graduate with student loan debt (the most common type of debt faced by newlyweds). But if you do have debt (or your partner does), the one thing you need to do—no matter how uncomfortable or awkward it feels—is discuss it with each other. “It’s important you’re ... Read more
  • Written by: Dan Rafter You’ve worked hard to build your own business, and you love the perk of being your own boss. But going solo does come with one big challenge: It can be tough to save enough for retirement. When you work for a company, you often have access to a 401(k) plan in which you can automatically deposit money for your retirement. It’s not as simple when you’re ... Read more
  • Many individuals reach significantly higher levels of earning - and spending - in their 30s. Many of them have moved up in their careers, branched out across sectors, started investing, gotten married or started a family, to name a few. All of these events can also drain savings significantly, not to mention cut into retirement plans. With so much capital moving around, it is important to set goals and guidelines ... Read more
  • If you didn’t grow up around people who invested, then chances are that you still may not know a whole lot about the process. It may seem like something you should do as an adult but otherwise difficult to wrap your head around. Particularly for young adults who entered the job market during the Great Recession, the idea of investing heavily in the stock market still carries a certain level ... Read more
  • Money is something every couple talks about and struggles with at some point and it can be one of the biggest sources of stress in a relationship. Add kids to that, and you’ve got even more financial demands and desires to think about. It’s something Chris and I constantly have to work on and we’re still not where we’d like to be in the twilight of our careers. But outside ... Read more
  • To those who haven’t witnessed it first-hand, guardianship may sound like a heroic assignment in which bigger, stronger, more seasoned protectors keep individuals who are unable to fend for themselves. However, as the ragtag super hero team the Guardians of the Galaxy has come to learn, the reality of assuming guardianship (over a single person, let alone the entire galaxy) is far less than ideal. Click here to read the ... Read more
  • Thanksgiving - with its juicy turkey, rich side dishes (scalloped potatoes, anyone?), and an array of desserts—isn’t the most health-conscious holiday. But neither is the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday is one of the biggest consumer holidays of the year, with hoards of people lining up in the middle of the night to score deals on everything from clothes to cell phones to TVs. A spending frenzy won’t have the ... Read more
  • Hack Your Way Up the Financial Ladder

    When Jill Caponera was 25, she moved from New York to Los Angeles. That’s when the money trouble began. "The cost of moving and everything that goes along with a move are kind of how my financial pitfalls started," Caponera says. "I was looking for work for quite a few months, and once I found work, I wasn’t being completely responsible with my credit card." Before she knew it, she ... Read more
  • Jason Feifer, Jennifer Miller and Jeff Motske Welcome to Relationship Management 101: Working with your spouse can be extremely rewarding (and complicated). In this episode, we dive deep with three people who’ve mastered the balance of professional ambition and personal relationships. Kicking off the show is Entrepreneur Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Jason Feifer, and author and journalist, Jennifer Miller. This husband and wife duo recently co-authored the comedic romp, “Mr. Nice Guy”, ... Read more
  • How to Go on a Financial Diet

    IF YOU'RE LOOKING TO boost your bank account and lower your bills, assessing where you can trim your expenses is an ideal step toward taking control of your finances. But just as cutting back on calories isn't always easy, paring back your expenses and identifying areas where you're overspending can present a challenge. You may have to modify your budget, re-evaluate your spending habits and even shift your mindset. So if you want ... Read more
  • Businesses with more than one owner face unique challenges in planning for the future. A buy-sell agreement is an arrangement between business partners to govern potential ownership transitions, including the “four Ds”: death, disability, divorce and disagreement. One of the advantages of a buy-sell agreement is that can protect the company and the remaining owners by outlining how the departing owner’s shares are handled. Click here to read the full ... Read more
  • You’re in a pinch and in desperate need of money. You’ve already asked family members for help, but nobody can assist you. You’ve heard of a personal loan before, but is taking one out a good idea? In short, it depends on your particular financial situation. If you’ve racked up high-interest credit card debt, for example, and you can take out a personal loan with a lower interest rate to consolidate ... Read more
  • It’s never too early to begin discussing the concept of money and personal finances with your children. In fact, some financial experts suggest these conversations should begin during elementary school. For parents who missed that boat (and you’re not alone if that’s you), all is not lost. It’s even more critical to sit your child down and talk about effective personal finance management as he or she is preparing to ... Read more
  • Independent advisors need to lead the recruiting and training of a new generation of wealth managers, according Jeff Motske, president and CEO of Trilogy Financial, $3 billion hybrid RIA based in Huntington Beach, Ca. “The public wants independent advisors and the industry is moving in that direction,” he said. “Clients are already asking older advisors about who is going to advise them when the advisor retires. Older clients want someone ... Read more
  • Cerulli Associates, a leading financial services market research firm, projects that more than one-third (35 percent) of financial advisors will retire in the next 10 years. In its wake, the next generation of advisors will inherit roughly $6 trillion of advisor-managed assets. This begets a crucial question: where will the industry find this next generation of advisors? As it stands, only a quarter of today’s advisor population is under the age of 40, ... Read more
  • As a parent, it’s natural to want to help your children succeed. In fact, in a recent survey of parents, 37% of respondents said no investment goal is more important than saving for a child’s college education. If you plan to pay for all of your child’s college expenses, you can expect to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for one year, according to the College Board’s 2017-2018 figures. While it ... Read more
  • It’s human nature to address challenges based on their most pervasive effects, rather than dissect their causes. Take the ongoing discussion about the need for diversity in wealth management as an example. Endless articles have been written about the need to have more women, more people of color and more age diversity in the industry. As one of the white males who too often exemplifies the status quo, I couldn’t agree ... Read more
  • As a parent, it’s natural to want to help your children succeed. In fact, in our recent survey of parents, 37% of respondents said no investment goal is more important than saving for a child’s college education. If you plan to pay for all of your child’s college expenses, you can expect to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for one year, according to the College Board’s 2017-2018 figures: While it ... Read more
  • No matter how much you and your partner have in common, investing will uncover differences. Maybe one likes playing it safe while the other relishes risk-taking. One wants to invest every available penny, while the other yearns to live it up now. Or perhaps you disagree on when to retire. Differences are inevitable, says Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, founder of KBK Wealth Connection in Waitsfield, Vermont. “That’s the nature of a ... Read more
  • Depending on Your Age

    The Social Security Administration’s 2018 Trustee report contains the same dire news as last year – the benefit program will run out of money in 2034. Some look at this distant date as a reason to remain calm, confident a solution will be found. “Despite the projections on the insolvency of Social Security, I do not hold the belief that Social Security will dry up entirely,” says Ryan Repko, a ... Read more
  • It’s the time of year when many parents have watched their children graduate from high school. While no doubt proud of their offspring’s achievements, in the back of their heads, all parents wonder about one thing: does my child have good financial habits. As they embark for the first time into that brave new world of adulthood, they’ll also be venturing into the terra incognito of money. Are they prepared? It’s a ... Read more
  • Over the past century, life expectancy in the United States has dramatically increased, a fact that has profoundly impacted the financial security experienced during our golden years. After World War II, the first generation of retirees were generally expected to live less than a decade after leaving the workforce. Now, the average American is living to be about 78.8 years old, and as a result retirement can last anywhere from ... Read more
  • The digitization of financial services is upon us and with it comes an opportunity to grow—not just in our use of technology, but also in the way we serve clients. In this age of hybrid financial advice, where clients wish to experience the same autonomy they have on Amazon with the customized advice they get from their therapist, we have a lot of growing to do in the industry to meet ... Read more
  • Giving your teenager a credit card may seem like a scary proposition, but it could be the safest way to teach them about credit. Credit expert John Ulzheimer says it's just like teaching your teenager how to operate a car, but in a controlled environment. "Nobody would just let a teen hop in a car and drive," says Ulzheimer, who formerly worked with Equifax and FICO. "And nobody should just ... Read more
  • Trilogy Financial has added Ginger Silverman, founder and president of Aha! Unlimited Consulting and vice president of marketing, brands and campaigns at Behr Paint, to its board of directors. Silverman has also led communications initiatives for companies including Prudential, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Homebase and Lindora Medical Weight Control. “Ginger’s leadership, communications excellence and commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with Trilogy’s core values,” said Jeff Motske, president and CEO of Trilogy Financial. Click ... Read more
  • Ferrero, global confectionary giant, has brought on Cheryll Forsatz in the newly created role of VP, PR and corporate communications. Forsatz joins Ferrero from Ketchum, where she was a senior VP with responsibility for the agency’s external communications. Before that, she served as director of communications for McDonald’s New York Metro Region and was also a senior VP at MWW PR. At Ferrero, she will lead PR and corporate communications plans and strategies for ... Read more
  • RIA Kestra Private Wealth says it has added a group with two advisors from Merrill Lynch: True Alpha Wealth Management of Sandusky, Ohio, is led by Brian C. Duttera and Elizabeth Skrinak, CFP. Duttera was with Merrill Lynch for the past 30 years, while Skrinak worked for the wirehouse for the past 13 years. “We chose Kestra PWS because of its easily adaptable platform, cutting-edge technological capabilities, integrated CRM tools and most importantly – ... Read more
  • Sometimes a cliché is best captured in a picture. On my colleague's phone was a black Bentley, chrome logo glistening in the sun. The car belonged to one of his most successful clients, but it wasn't the presumptive price tag that was jarring. The custom license plate read, "NVSTWME," surrounded by a frame stating, "My other car is a yacht." Photographic evidence of people's worst assumptions about financial advisers: extreme ... Read more
  • We need them to abandon the machine work that has become such a distraction. Oftentimes, smart advisors use less than superior tools to do their darndest to serve their clients and in the meantime have lost human connection. It is time to alter our expectations of financial advisors. We primarily need to expect them to act in human, not machine ways, and in doing so more than earn their fee. What ... Read more
  • We need them to abandon the machine work that has become such a distraction. Oftentimes, smart advisors use less than superior tools to do their darndest to serve their clients and in the meantime have lost human connection. It is time to alter our expectations of financial advisors. We primarily need to expect them to act in human, not machine ways, and in doing so more than earn their fee. ... Read more
  • A financial expert breaks down how to get through tax season unscathed, including how to prep, when to file jointly and the best ways to optimize your refund. ’Tis the season—for taxes. Listen, we know shuffling through IRS forms and deciphering a new tax code is one of the least enticing ways to kick off newlywed life (especially if you just returned from your honeymoon and finally wrapped up thank-you ... Read more
  • Much has been said about the rise of robo-advisors in the financial services industry. With tens of billions of dollars being invested in these online platforms, it is undeniable that consumers are craving the speed, efficiency and data that they can provide. While many of us agree that no computer can offer the one-on-one relationship that a client-advisor relationship can, we would be remiss to ignore this growing trend. Some ... Read more
  • We are at our best as educators and space-makers for a deeper engagement with the financial world, and all our work with our clients should spur on hope. Many people in my profession would not make an immediate leap from the late physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking to our work of capital markets, mutual funds and financial planning. This is understandable. Our work in financial advising is overtly pragmatic. It’s ... Read more
  • I’ve sat in those rooms, and you have too. You know the ones, where some war-weary veteran of the good old days of financial services talks about how they used to walk uphill both ways in a blizzard to every client meeting. How the account application was as small as a postcard. How they didn’t even have calculators and surmised rates of return on the back of a napkin. We are all told that ... Read more
  • Jeff Motske advocates a special kind of date with your spouse - “a financial date night” - to discuss the family’s finances... Click here to read the full story.... Read more
  • Trilogy Financial, formerly part of the National Planning Holdings network bought by LPL Financial in August, says it will affiliate with the independent broker-dealer. The Huntington Beach, California-based group has some 150 financial advisors and over $2 billion in client assets. Click here to read the full story.... Read more
  • Trilogy Financial, with over $2 billion in client assets one of the largest financial planning firms affiliated with National Planning Corp., said on Thursday afternoon it was joining LPL Financial. LPL in mid-August said it acquired the assets of National Planning Holdings Inc., an independent broker-dealer network with 3,200 advisers and $120 billion of client assets. The firms in the NPH network are: National Planning, Invest Financial Corp., Investment Centers of America Inc. and SII Investments Inc. Combined in ... Read more
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