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Our Wealth & Asset Management Services:

Trilogy Financial focuses on you and the unique set of financial circumstances you and your family face.

  • Retirement Planning

  • Estate Planning Strategies

  • Business Strategies

  • Insurance Services

  • Investment Planning

  • College & Education Planning

  • Small Business Strategies

  • Risk Management

  • Gifting Strategies

  • Tax Strategies

At Trilogy, we help develop strategies for all of your wealth management needs.

We help you create a personalized wealth & asset management strategy based on your lifestyle goals. Using our discovery process, we work with you to build an appropriate plan that supports your objectives, then monitor it to help you stay on track.

Our Approach to Your Personalized Wealth Management Plan

We use a client-centric process focused on pursuing specific milestones we create together. Our comprehensive, three-step wealth management planning process is designed to help identify your needs, implement your strategy and monitor it to help you stay on course.

In our approach, we will complete a confidential profile to gain a deeper understanding of your current situation and goals, provide custom strategies based on your analysis and future needs, and then help you put that plan into action.

We are dedicated to your success and confidence in your personal finances. We will empower you to be nimble and will serve as the sounding board you need to make your decisions. We know how personal this is. And we’re committed to standing by your side through it all.

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    Review and assess
    your needs and goals

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    Prepare your Life Plan to support
    your wealth management goals

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    Implement your plan,
    monitor and adjust

How Your 401k & Retirement Plan Fits into Your Wealth & Asset Management Plan

We’ll coach you through a retirement plan that’s supported by your wealth management plan so you can feel confident in retirement.

Your asset management strategy is an important part of planning your retirement strategy so you can have predictable resources. At Trilogy, we empower you to live wealthy in retirement. Each decade of life brings new experiences, opportunities, concerns, and financial focuses. This is why we believe your Life Plan should include both a retirement and wealth management plan. 

Our Financial Advisors will help create a strategy so you can feel prepared for unforeseen events, safeguard your financial independence, maintain your standard of living, support your family, get the tax benefits, and simply enjoy retirement.

Our Financial Planning for Retirement Services:

  • Navigating 401(k) Rollover

  • Distribution Planning

  • Saving for Retirement

  • Social Security Best Practices

  • Investing for Retirement

  • Early Retirement Planning

  • Income Planning

  • Retirement Transitioning

  • Employer-Based Plans

Common Types of Retirement Plans

There are many different types of retirement plans that can fit into your wealth & asset management plan, including a 401(k) plan, Roth IRA plan and SEP IRA plan. Ask your Financial Advisor which is right for you and your goals.


Leveraging Your Asset Management Plan to Income Plan for Retirement

Your overall wealth management strategy encompasses several things, including income planning for retirement so you can follow a budget that fits your goals.

Each Trilogy Financial Advisor is passionate about uncovering all your options and being your champion to pursue your retirement dreams. Let’s map out your income plan and simplify any complexities so you feel confident in your future.

We are committed to helping you:

  • Better position your retirement income

  • Develop a budget & savings plan

  • Manage taxes

  • Reduce risk & preserve wealth

  • Aim to maximize your Social Security benefits

  • Select a suitable investment approach

  • Determine your risk appetite

  • Potentially reduce & eliminate debt

Begin Planning Your Retirement & Wealth Management Strategy Early

There are Tremendous Benefits to Planning Early

The earlier you begin to get yourself organized, set your goals, and take steps to build a secure future the better. Whether you’re considering financial planning guidance for yourself, your business, or with a partner – our team is passionate about helping you create a personalized plan to pursue your unique goals.

If you’ve already started saving, one of our certified financial planners can help optimize your savings, investing and risk approach so you can live the retirement life you’ve always wanted.

How Your Estate Plan Strategy Fits into Your Wealth & Asset Management Plan

A thorough wealth & asset management Life Plan includes your financial planning for as long as you live, and for generations to come.

Develop An Estate Plan Strategy for You & Future Generations

Together, we will create an estate plan strategy that controls your finances now, and ensures your gifts and directives make the greatest impact possible.

Taking time to create estate strategies not only helps you put your financial house in order but can potentially save you money in the long run. By documenting your wishes and goals, you create a legal framework that the courts, your executor and your loved ones can follow when settling your estate. Without these strategies in place, your family risks going through a lengthy and expensive process — which could alter the wishes you have for your legacy.

Our Estate & Generational Wealth Planning Services

  • Creating an Estate Plan

  • Legacy Planning

  • Gifting Strategies

  • Generational Planning & Transferring Wealth

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Writing a Will

  • Healthcare Planning

  • 2nd & 3rd Marriages

  • Developing Trusts

  • Guardianship Designations

  • Organizing List of Accounts and Passwords

How Your Business Strategy Supports Your Personal Wealth & Asset Management Plan

Qualified Planning and Business-Sponsored 401k retirement plans are a big part of your wealth & asset management plan. We’ll coach you through uniting the two together.

Qualified Plans for a Better Business and Wealth Management Plan

401k and other qualified plans can be an effective tool for businesses to attract and retain talent, reduce their tax liability, increase employee engagement, encourage retirement savings, and provide important legal and financial protections.

Plans we can help you with:

  • 401(k)

  • Simple IRA


  • 403(b)

  • Non-qualified plans

  • Profit Share

  • Cash Balance and Defined Benefit Plans

  • ESOP

Our 401K & Qualified Plans Services

  • Navigating 529 Plans

  • Investment Menu Design

  • Monitoring of Investments

  • Investment Policy Statement

  • One-on-one Employee Assistance

  • Fiduciary Training for Plan Committees

  • Plan Design Consulting

  • Financial Wellness Programs

  • Fiduciary Advice for Employees

  • Enrollment Meetings

  • Benchmarking Services and Fees of Retirement Plan Vendors

Qualified Planning for Employers and Employees

Our 401K & Qualified Plans team helps employers offer their employees the best retirement plan options, and helps employees make smarter financial decisions. 

If you’re a benefits decision maker, read more about how you can offer your employees the best retirement plan options

If you’re an employee, find resources to help you make financial decisions to improve your financial independence

Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation

We can help your business create and manage employee benefits and executive compensation programs that attract and retain top talent, provide valuable financial security to employees, and reduce legal and financial risks.

Here are some ways that our team supports businesses of all sizes:

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    Design customized benefits packages that include retirement plans, health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and other benefits that meet the needs of the workforce.

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    Provide education and guidance to employees on the benefits available to them, how to enroll, and how to make informed decisions about their benefits. This can help employees make the most of their benefits and reduce the burden on HR departments.

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    Ensure compliance with complex regulations such as ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, and ACA, and help with any compliance issues that arise.

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    Design and implement executive compensation packages that are competitive, cost-effective, and aligned with your business’s goals. This can include strategies such as deferred compensation, stock options, and other equity-based compensation plans.

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    Manage the risks associated with employee benefits and executive compensation programs, such as potential legal and financial liabilities. Our team can also help with risk mitigation strategies such as insurance coverage and liability management.

How Your Insurance Strategy Supports Your Personal Wealth & Asset Management Plan

Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate insurance that makes sense for you, your future, your family, and your asset management plan.

Navigate Insurance and Get the Benefit You Deserve

While the accumulation of wealth is important, protecting it cannot be overlooked. And the same goes for protecting your health. 

Protecting the wealth you’ve built, while mitigating potential risks, is paramount to building a strong financial future and a sound wealth management strategy. We are invested in empowering you to leave the legacy you’ve dreamed of. Our Financial Advisors are here to help with all your insurance needs.

Our Insurance Services:

  • Term Insurance

  • Permanent Insurance

  • Long-Term Care Planning

  • Risk Management

  • Non-qualified plans

  • Profit Share

  • Cash Balance and Defined Benefit Plans

  • ESOP

How Your Investment Plan Supports Your Personal Wealth & Asset Management Plan

We’re igniting change in the industry. We have no minimums, no expectations and are committed to a customized wealth management strategy that suits your investing goals.

Develop An Investment Strategy to Pursue Your Goals 

The best way to work toward your retirement goals is with a wealth management and investment plan, instead of simply allocating a portion of your salary to a savings account. Investing is a tool that gives you financial freedom to live the life you want to live. 

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, we will help you build a personalized investment plan for your unique risk tolerance and coach you through your wealth accumulation journey.

One of the most effective ways to save for retirement is to invest money, often into the stock market or other assets.

Our Investment Strategies & Services

  • Investment Planning Strategies

  • Investment Types

  • Investment Techniques

  • Knowing Your Risk Profile

Common Types of Investments

  • Alternatives

  • Individual Stocks

  • Separately Managed Accounts

  • ETFs

  • Mutual Funds

  • UITs

  • Fixed Annuities

  • REITs

  • Variable Annuities

  • Individual Bonds

How Your Personal Wealth & Asset Management Plan Impacts Planning for College and Other Education

Finances shouldn’t hold you back from the schools you want to attend or send your kids to. That’s why we empower you to prepare with a personalized wealth management plan. 


A Team Dedicated to Your Education Plans

We believe planning for college and other educational needs is more than just saving – it’s about giving students the best foundation for a successful education while limiting the cost burden. Our Financial Advisors are here to help coach you through how your wealth management plan can help support your educational goals – and costs.

Our Education Planning Services:

  • Navigating 529 Plans

  • Leveraging FAFSA

  • Understanding Prepaid Tuition Plans

  • Exploring School Options

How Risk Management Impacts Your Personal Wealth & Asset Management Plan

You have big goals, and we have great strategies that aim to get you there. Managing your overall risk is one of the biggest components to achieving those goals. We’ll help you through it.  


Minimize Risk to Give You Peace of Mind

We are here to help you navigate the complex world of financial risks and develop a comprehensive risk management plan that can help you pursue your financial goals with greater confidence.


Identifying and Assessing Risks

We are here to help you identify the different types of risks you may face in your financial life, such as market risk, inflation risk, longevity risk, and others. They can then assess the likelihood and potential impact of these risks on your financial goals.


Developing a Risk Management Plan

Based on the assessment of your risks, a financial planner can develop a comprehensive risk management plan tailored to your specific needs and goals. This plan may involve a combination of strategies, such as diversification, asset allocation, insurance, and other techniques.


Monitoring and Adjusting the Plan

Once implemented, we monitor the effectiveness of your risk management plan and adjust it as needed to ensure that it remains aligned with your evolving financial goals and changing market conditions.


There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk. Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal.

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