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Point of Partnership

We often say that, at Trilogy, we’re more than Financial Planners. We’re Life Planners. This holds true for our clients, our employees and our partners as well. Trilogy has created a reputation for partnering with transitioning Advisors who truly care for their clients. We understand and value the reality that after a career of helping people who have become professional family, our partners want to ensure their clients reach their financial objectives, while also being sincerely cared for along the way. We are here to help our partners and their clients Finish Well.

Our Trilogy Value

Our Firm

Trilogy is one of the fastest-growing RIA’s in the country, powered by a strong advisory platform. Trilogy also happens to offer hybrid services with a focus on exceptional client service via our personalized team-based planning and centralized service model. More about our team here.

Experienced Advisor Force

We have over 70+ Advisors, including Certified Financial Planners (CFPs), with an average age of 46 years and 10-years industry experience. Our firms’ structure and intentional team-based planning model, ensures high client service capacity and retention, leading to a positive succession planning experience for both Advisors and their clients.

Centralized Services

Trilogy supports our Advisors’ growth by allowing them to focus on their clients and enabling them to work their “highest and best use of their time”. This is achieved via our teams dedicated to supporting Advisors – Investments and Trading, Planning and Products, Finance, Marketing, Technology, Human Resources, Branch and Service Operations. Our support staff of 70+ professionals continuously provides exceptional service to our family of clients and are more than ready to service a smooth transition.


Trilogy holds its well-crafted culture in high esteem, working collectively to create an environment where we all work as a team and encourage each other to succeed. We extend this focus to our partnerships as well, seeking like-minded partners who understand and value the nature of this important relationship.

Smooth Integration

Trilogy has experience in successfully onboarding Advisor practices and transitioning clients in a strategic fashion. While every transition is unique, it is our singular mission to provide such a smooth integration and elevated level of service that our partner’s clients thank them for coming together with our firm.

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