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Entrepreneur Weekly (Podcast)

By Trilogy Financial
October 14, 2018
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Jason Feifer, Jennifer Miller and Jeff Motske

Welcome to Relationship Management 101: Working with your spouse can be extremely rewarding (and complicated). In this episode, we dive deep with three people who’ve mastered the balance of professional ambition and personal relationships. Kicking off the show is Entrepreneur Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Jason Feifer, and author and journalist, Jennifer Miller. This husband and wife duo recently co-authored the comedic romp, “Mr. Nice Guy”, and learned about their marriage in the process. Jason and Jennifer reveal their top tips on working with loved ones. Next we'll speak with Jeff Motske, President and CEO of Trilogy Financial, Certified Financial Planner, Host of “The Jeff Motske Show”, and Author of “The Couple's Guide to Financial Compatibility”. Jeff serves up important lessons on collaborative money management, and explains why having a succession plan in place is integral for a healthy business environment. Tune in to find out how open communication, compromise, and preparation can help you strike the ideal work/life harmony.

[00:00:00] Personal and Professional Relationships

[00:05:30] The Power of Open Communication

[00:11:31] Tips for Working with Your Spouse

[00:18:21] Schedule a Financial Date Night

[00:26:11] Your Ego is the Enemy of Humility

[00:33:22] Why You Need a Succession Plan

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By Trilogy Financial
September 21, 2018

IF YOU'RE LOOKING TO boost your bank account and lower your bills, assessing where you can trim your expenses is an ideal step toward taking control of your finances. But just as cutting back on calories isn't always easy, paring back your expenses and identifying areas where you're overspending can present a challenge. You may have to modify your budget, re-evaluate your spending habits and even shift your mindset. So if you want to go on a financial diet but aren't sure how to start, try the following expert-backed strategies.

Start tracking your expenses. “In order to cut back on the budget, you need to have a budget,” says Kevin Gallegos, the vice president of client enrollment with Freedom Debt Relief, a debt settlement company based in Phoenix. “While people may talk about trimming the budget, relatively few actually have one written down. A spreadsheet or pencil and paper will work as well as budget-specific software or an app,” he says.

By financial planning logo
April 8, 2019

Written by: Matthew Phillips | The last words of the email stood out the most. “… the thing is … we are deaf.” This is how the prospective client closed her message to me in 2017.

When I agreed to meet with the woman and her husband, I was feeling uncertain about how to best communicate with them. To prepare, I added captions to my usual video presentation. But halfway through, I realized the couple was completely overwhelmed with the financial vocabulary I was using, which was entirely new to them. Improvising, I pulled up a blank Word document and started typing which allowed us to converse back and forth. I felt completely inadequate and regretted not preparing more, but did my best to connect with the couple.

To my surprise, the meeting concluded with the wife rejecting my handshake and instead grabbing onto me tightly as she began to cry. “Matthew, thank you for what you have done,” she said. “We have sat with five advisors, and none have come close to helping us like you have. I know we have missed out on financial opportunities because we are deaf.”

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