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We Are More Than Financial Planners
We Are Life Planners.

At Trilogy Financial, our Advisors coach you through your everyday financial decisions.



We don’t just invest, we coach.

Every day, with every piece of advice, we empower our clients to live wealthy.

Our clients know that they have not just one Advisor, but a team behind them because collaborative and fresh ideas are the key to giving our clients the best guidance. Our Financial Advisor teams prioritize relationships and place you at the center of everything we do – always coaching you towards your real life goals.

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Financial Coaching

Receive one-on-one counseling from our certified Advisors to keep you on track and set you up for financial success.

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Personalized Plans

We compose data-driven customized plans to help you realize your specific goals and to put you on a path to financial independence.

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Client Portal

We give you access to your own portal where you can upload and store information, documents and see all your financial accounts in one convenient, secure platform.

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We tackle common life questions.

Am I on track with my financial goals?

How much do I need to retire?

I’m just getting started, where do I begin?

What type of life insurance do I need?

When should I take my Social Security?

How do I select a Financial Advisor?

What happens in the case of death or divorce?

Should I roll over my 401(k)?

What is the best way to save for college?

Can I afford to buy a house?

Not sure where to start?

We created an interactive Financial Life Planning Tool to help you get a better idea of your opportunities and how you can start planning your future.

Sound Advice from our CEO

Jeff Motske’s podcast conversations transform theory into practical steps designed to help you move toward financial freedom.

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Experience the Trilogy Difference

We believe that real financial Life Planning is progress, not perfection.

Financial Life Planning is about actually starting — taking a few good steps in the right direction and then taking a few more.

Life is ever-changing. We’re here to simplify the complex, untwist the tangled and coach you through every discussion, every move and every recommendation. What we do isn’t just left brain financial planning – we coach and nurture. We’re proud to be the team that helps build the life and retirement you’ve always wanted for your family and generations to come.

Get Started on Your Financial Life Plan Today