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    • Smart Money Circle Podcast ft. Steve Hartel (Part I)

      Steve Hartel joins Smart Money Circle Host Adam Sarhan in this part 1 of 2 to discuss his investment strategy approach for clients. Steve oversees more than $2 billion in assets at Trilogy Financial. Listen now. The Host: Adam Sarhan, Author, Investor, and Forbes Contributor, interviews real money managers with over $100 million in assets under management (AUM) to help you learn timeless lessons from real-life money managers. Disclaimer: All ... Read more
    • 3 Timeless Lessons For Your Retirement Plan

      For most people, retirement planning is a critical, but often overlooked, a step that they don’t face until later in life. Just like most things on Wall Street, there are several ways to successfully plan for your retirement, the key is to find one that works for you. That said, here are three timeless lessons for your consideration: 1. Enough Money Is Not Enough - Your Living Expenses Will Be ... Read more
    • How to Plan for the Cost of Hearing Care

      Out of the estimated 48 million Americans living with some degree of hearing loss, only one in five wears hearing aids. The main reason? Cost. And these aren’t the only costs associated with hearing loss. Over the course of a lifetime, healthcare fees can add up to tens of thousands of dollars—or more. Here are tips to help you budget and plan for these expenses. Find a health insurance plan ... Read more
    • Just Married: Finance Tips for Newlyweds

      Written by: Alayna Okerlund | Last Updated February 24th, 2020  Congratulations! You just completed one of life’s greatest milestones: marriage. Whether you had an elegant reception or a lovely, intimate ceremony, you and your spouse are likely making plans for the life you two will build together. And that’s how it should be. Unfortunately, some newlyweds lose this level of excitement and bliss early on because they fail to be ... Read more
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