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  • What Financial Advisors Can Learn from Stephen Hawking’s Legacy

    We are at our best as educators and space-makers for a deeper engagement with the financial world, and all our work with our clients should spur on hope. Many people in my profession would not make an immediate leap from the late physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking to our work of capital markets, mutual funds and financial planning. This is understandable. Our work in financial advising is overtly pragmatic. It’s ... Read more
  • The Essential Synergy of Fintech, Advisors & Clients

    I’ve sat in those rooms, and you have too. You know the ones, where some war-weary veteran of the good old days of financial services talks about how they used to walk uphill both ways in a blizzard to every client meeting. How the account application was as small as a postcard. How they didn’t even have calculators and surmised rates of return on the back of a napkin. We are all told that ... Read more
  • Advisor Building Own Field of Dreams

    Jeff Motske advocates a special kind of date with your spouse - “a financial date night” - to discuss the family’s finances... Click here to read the full story.... Read more
  • $2B Trilogy Group Transitions From NPH to LPL

    Trilogy Financial, formerly part of the National Planning Holdings network bought by LPL Financial in August, says it will affiliate with the independent broker-dealer. The Huntington Beach, California-based group has some 150 financial advisors and over $2 billion in client assets. Click here to read the full story.... Read more
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