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Consistently one of Trilogy Financial’s Top 13 Investment Advisors*

Believes financial planning must always be individualized

Claremont McKenna College Alumni

Will video conference with clients to make it easier

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Thomas Walden believes that financial planning must always be individualized, never generalized. That’s why he makes sure that his clients receive truly custom, considered advice and strategies. His independent, objective planning and analysis seeks to help position them for financial progress.

Tom likes the close relationships he creates with clients and the sense that his advice is making a real difference in their lives. His active asset management, fee-based advisory services and relationships with legal, business and tax advisors help to facilitate strategies for wealth accumulation, asset preservation strategies and wealth transfer for individuals and families.

Thomas studied economics and accounting at Claremont McKenna College and brings extensive financial knowledge to his work. Tom advises not only on current asset allocations but also on proactive techniques designed to generate streams of income for an independent retirement and applying tax-efficient exit strategies. Through complex investment, estate planning and tax reduction methods, Tom strives to improve his clients’ lifestyles by contributing to their financial well being.

Thomas has consistently been one of the top 13 investment advisors since the company’s inception.*


*The Baker’s Dozen is an award given to the top 13 advisors for the year based on total weighted production.

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We believe that real Life Planning is progress, not perfection.

Financial Life Planning is about actually starting — taking a few good steps in the right direction and then taking a few more.

Financial Life Planning is fundamentally about taking a few good steps in the right direction and then taking a few more. Trilogy Financial has established regional offices from coast to coast with the clear vision of helping millions of Americans pursue financial independence, every day.

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