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Coaches clients towards better financial decision-making

Azusa Pacific University’s School of Business Alumni

Enjoys hiking & rock climbing

Passionate about working with young families

Will video conference with clients to make it easier

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Justin’s career as an Advisor began while completing his Bachelor of Science in International Business at Azusa Pacific University in April of 2013. He views his role as a lifetime Advisor to his clients as the perfect match between his passion for providing guidance to others and knowledge of financial planning and investment strategies. When making big decisions, one of the most valuable assets is a financial roadmap to the future and a co-pilot to help navigate when life gets confusing. Justin serves as such for his clients.

In his time with Trilogy, Justin has developed extensive experience in dealing with pre- and recent retirees, business owners, and individuals transitioning wealth through inheritance or sale of a significant asset (real estate, business, etc). Justin is passionate about working with people approaching retirement and helping them work toward future success. He also assists several SmartVestor Pro planners on his team.

When he is not meeting with his clients, Justin and his wife Shelby can be found climbing rocks of all sizes, shapes, and colors in the Inland Empire, Orange County, and the San Gabriel and Sierra Nevada mountains.


*The SmartVestor program is a directory of investment professionals.  Neither Dave Ramsey nor SmartVestor are affiliates of Trilogy or LPL.

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We believe that real Life Planning is progress, not perfection.

Financial Life Planning is about actually starting — taking a few good steps in the right direction and then taking a few more.

Financial Life Planning is fundamentally about taking a few good steps in the right direction and then taking a few more. Trilogy Financial has established regional offices from coast to coast with the clear vision of helping millions of Americans pursue financial independence, every day.

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