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Alumni, CU Denver, Summa Cum Laude

Involved in Business Networking International, Greater Denver (BNI)

Colorado Rockies fan

Passionate about photography

Also licensed in massage therapy & skin care

Will video conference with clients to make it easier

Get to Know Caitlin

With a background heavily weighted in music and in the beauty industry, Caitlin’s decision to build a career in the world of finance was not a decision made lightly. Having spent most of her life earning a paycheck by assisting people in purchasing material items, she was ready to make a dynamic shift in her customer service philosophy. Caitlin made the choice to come to Trilogy, where she spends her days helping people save for their futures.

At Trilogy, she partners with her clients in navigating the expansive and often winding road of finance. During Caitlin’s time at the University of Colorado Denver exploring the field of Music Business, she learned of the great financial burden that is often experienced by those involved in the music industry. As a Financial Advisor, she builds relationships with the individuals she works with and offers financial guidance to those who aspire toward a stronger tomorrow.

Caitlin’s background experience in salon leadership blends seamlessly into her work as a Financial Advisor. She loves that Trilogy’s business model allows her to coach her clients to success in their own lives through strong communication, developing clarity around personal and professional goals, and aligning the financial decisions they make with their ultimate priorities.

Trilogy’s team-based environment spoke to Caitlin from the moment she learned about the company; it has always been important for her to be able to collaborate with others. She believes that only by building relationships with others can you play to your best strengths and grow beyond your personal challenges. In her free time, Caitlin can be found hiking, camping, or spending time with friends. She also loves introducing new perspectives through both concert and landscape photography.

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Vice President of Wealth Management
Brett Miller, AIF®
Vice President of Wealth Management
Les McMullen
Vice President of Wealth Management
Mark Nicolet, CFP®, MBA, ABFP™

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We believe that real Life Planning is progress, not perfection.

Financial Life Planning is about actually starting — taking a few good steps in the right direction and then taking a few more.

Financial Life Planning is fundamentally about taking a few good steps in the right direction and then taking a few more. Trilogy Financial has established regional offices from coast to coast with the clear vision of helping millions of Americans pursue financial independence, every day.

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