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    A Message Regarding Current Events

    We have no doubt that the Coronavirus and the market volatility surrounding it have dominated your newsfeed of late. Naturally, this leads to questions and concerns about the market in general, and about how it impacts you specifically.

    It is true that there are a lot of variables at play, a great majority of them out of your control. What is under your control is how you respond, or not. First and foremost, do not let fear guide your decisions. Market swings are inevitable. Long-term, goal-oriented investors understand the need to stay the course and, at times, do nothing at all. Dave Ramsey suggests the following, “Do not get off the roller coaster in the middle of the ride.”  Those who heeded this sound advice back in 2008 benefitted from the market rebound in 2009 and beyond.

    Of course, our Financial Advisors are always available to address any specific concerns you may have and, if necessary, re-evaluate your financial plan. Clearly, times change. If your life, goals, or risk tolerance has changed, let’s sit down and make sure we are still on the best track for you to achieve financial independence.

    Please know that Trilogy Financial remains committed to providing the resources you need to navigate through the uncertainty. Most importantly, rest assured knowing that this too shall pass and that you are not alone.



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