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OC 500: Jeff Motske

Founded 1999 … now $3B AUM, 20K clients, 200+ workers in 10 offices … clients $200K+ in assets … baseball player, Vanguard U, 1980s … hires athletes: ‘discipline’ … president, booster club, Pacifica Christian H.S. (see David Bahnsen) … on Trilogy softball team with father, son … plays bridge … supports Anaheim Ducks (see Tim […]

14 Ways To Successfully Balance Spending And Saving In Your 30s

Many individuals reach significantly higher levels of earning – and spending – in their 30s. Many of them have moved up in their careers, branched out across sectors, started investing, gotten married or started a family, to name a few. All of these events can also drain savings significantly, not to mention cut into retirement […]

5 Money Conversations to Have With Your Kids Before They Go to College

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It’s never too early to begin discussing the concept of money and personal finances with your children. In fact, some financial experts suggest these conversations should begin during elementary school. For parents who missed that boat (and you’re not alone if that’s you), all is not lost. It’s even more critical to sit your child […]

5 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Paying for Your Child’s College Education

As a parent, it’s natural to want to help your children succeed. In fact, in our recent survey of parents, 37% of respondents said no investment goal is more important than saving for a child’s college education. If you plan to pay for all of your child’s college expenses, you can expect to shell out tens […]

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