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    Estate & Generational Planning to Leave your Legacy:

    Each Trilogy Financial Advisor is invested in empowering you to leave the legacy you always dreamed.

    • Creating an Estate Plan

    • Legacy Planning

    • Gifting Strategies

    • Generational Planning & Transferring Wealth

    • Powers of Attorney

    Getting Started on an Estate Plan

    We know you have planned your financial life and worked hard to get where you are. We will be your advocate and aim to help you preserve wealth for your life and if you choose, future generations.


    Developing your estate plan involves a series of decisions that are then communicated in writing. Your Trilogy Financial Advisors are prepared to work with your estate planning team, or help you build a team, so you can pursue a legacy plan to suit you and your goals.

    Legacy Planning for Your Future Generations

    Legacy planning is an important part of estate planning and gives you the opportunity to pass on your assets to your loved ones.

    Our Financial Advisors work with clients to understand the story their money is telling, and in many cases, whether that money has an unwritten final chapter. Let your Financial Advisor coach and guide you through your opportunities and tax requirements so your legacy can live on with the greatest impact.

    Generational Planning & Transferring of Wealth to Family

    We know that family means the world to you, and a thoughtful approach to leaving money for family will help you feel secure in your transitions. Whether you know exactly what you’d like to do with your legacy or are looking for suggestions, we are committed to supporting the needs and goals of your entire family. Let your Life Plan do the heavy lifting of mapping out your financial journey so you can enjoy life and feel prepared for the future.

    Your Financial Advisor may ask the following:

    • 1

      What are your preferences about how your wealth (great or small) passes to your heirs?

    • 2

      What would you like to do to help your beneficiaries avoid the disagreements and costs that probate can sometimes cause?

    • 3

      What have you done to transfer your wealth in the most tax-efficient way possible?

    • 4

      Do you already work with a Financial Advisor and estate attorney that are acting in tandem? How do they communicate with each other?

    • 5

      How would major shifts in your life expectancy (either longer or shorter) affect your financial and estate plan?

    Planned Giving & Other Gifting Strategies
    for Your Life Plan

    Developing a planned giving strategy is one of the most impactful ways that your legacy can live on for generations. Depending on your unique situation and goals, planned giving may be a smart and heartfelt legacy planning strategy for you.

    Your Financial Advisor may discuss the following with you:

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      Considering your life insurance options and how they live on to be part of your gift

    • icon

      Connecting you with an estate attorney to structure your gift and find the tax efficiencies

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      Communicate your gift and help your non-profit of choice plan to leverage your generosity

    Disclaimer: Trilogy Financial and LPL Financial do not provide legal advice or services. Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.

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