Too often this question gets answered without all the information considered. Don't make the common mistakes.

You've got a lot on your side. Don't let finances be the thing always on the bottom of your to-do list.

New Beginnings are opportunities to catch-up, reset priorities and organize toward new financial goals.

Your financial story can continue long after your gone--if you're organized. Avoid pitfalls by planning ahead.

Every financial decision you make affets those you love the most. Use our tools, get on the same page and stay there.

Owning your own business can provide unique financial opportunities not available to the general public.

With our Decision Coach process, we can help you get clarity on your highest priorities and then organize an ongoing strategy to carve your path towards financial success.

Decision Center is designed for clients that have questions that can not be answered by a rule of thumb. Every aspect of your financial life is connected and accounted for.

Trilogy Capital builds Investment models based on risk-conscious asset selection which allows our clients to invest based on their preferences for volatility, management style, and long-term performance potential.

Let's face it. You can buy investments anywhere. You can find volumes of advice online. Why hire a Trilogy Financial advisor?
Since 1999, we have been helping financially-conscious Americans sort through the fog of investments, insurance and personal finance. With our thorough DecisionCoach process, we can help you get clarity on your highest priorities and then organize a decision plan to chart the path from here to there.
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“Stretch IRA” is a marketing term implying the ability of a beneficiary of a Decedent’s IRA to withdraw the least amount of money at the latest allowable time in order to maintain the inherited IRA assets for the longest time period possible. Beneficiary distribution options depend on a number of factors such as the type and age of the beneficiary, the relationship of the beneficiary to the decedent and the age of the decedent at death and may result in the inability to “stretch” a decedent’s IRA. Illustration values will greatly depend on the assumptions used which may not be predictable such as future tax laws, IRS rules, inflation and constant rates of return. Costs including custodial fees may be incurred on a specified frequency while the account remains open.
This information is not intended to be a substitute for individualized legal advice.

Hiring a Trilogy Decision Coach opens up the insight that thousands of others have discovered: The Trilogy Difference.

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