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What can trilogy do for you?What Can Trilogy Do For You?

"Financial freedom is not a destination; it’s a way of life. It’s a thousand good decisions in one direction... it will come to you because you made it happen, one decision at a time."

-Jeff Motske

What Brought You Here?

  • Personal Financial Planning
    Personal Financial Planning

    At the end of the day, all finances are personal. Money is the way you transact your most important decisions: where you work, how you invest for the future, putting a roof over your family’s head. Because of the personal nature of these decisions...

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    At the end of the day, all finances are personal. Money is the way you transact your most important decisions: where you work, how you invest for the future, putting a roof over your family’s head. Because of the personal nature of these decisions, it’s critical that you work with a partner that who understands you. Knows not just your goals, but your priorities, preferences and key plot points.

    The story of all of our lives got us here and it is the story of our future decision making that will take us into the future. When you work with a Trilogy advisor on your personal financial planning, you will find that our first job is to get to know you. The more we can understand where you’ve been and where you’re headed, the more we can help you make those key next steps today. And we believe that this is best done by taking a look at everything that encompasses your finances: your personal balance sheet, cash flow, investments and insurance solutions. Every piece of the puzzle affects everything else, and when we have a clear view of all of it, we can look steadily into the future.

    Take a look at some of the key life events that trigger our clients to delve deeper into their finances. Maybe some you’ll resonate with and decide that a more comprehensive view might help you as well. And then when you’ve considered your needs, contact a Trilogy advisor and get the discussion going. We’re here to help you on your way.

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  • Careers

    It gets tiring jumping from one job to another. And every time you think you’ve found a place to land, you hit one more dead end. At Trilogy Financial you can stop looking for jobs and find a career where you have the reins. When you get worn out of waiting for that promotion...

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    It gets tiring jumping from one job to another. And every time you think you’ve found a place to land, you hit one more dead end. At Trilogy Financial you can stop looking for jobs and find a career where you have the reins. When you get worn out of waiting for that promotion or wondering how to move up the stalled-out corporate ladder, take a look at Trilogy. Because at Trilogy we are always looking forward, exploring new heights and we encourage you to do the same.

    Trilogy is a forward thinking company that provides comprehensive financial planning to financially-conscious Americans from coast –to-coast. Through our independent analysis of products and services we coordinate investment and risk mitigation strategies. Our senior management team, with over 100 years of industry experience and know-how is dedicated to providing a career development path for every advisor in an energetic, passionate office environment. You are part of the team, and we are with you every step of the way.

    You will receive one-to-one coaching from our experienced management personnel. Trilogy managers have walked in the shoes of our advisors and know what it takes to help people succeed.

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  • Business Planning
    Business Planning

    401(k) plans have been in existence since the 1970s and have become the main savings tool used by Americans today. These plans allow participants to save 100% of their income up to an annual specified limit. For employees who are age 50 and up they can utilize a "catch up"...

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    If you are a business owner you know how significant and diverse the challenges facing today’s entrepreneurs and executives. Whether you run a small individual business or one with 100s of employees, your financial decision making is intricately tied to the decisions you make about your business: how to manage it, how to grow it and, eventually, how to transition it in a tax-efficient way.

    Trilogy is there for you as you manage all of the key areas of your business from tools to retain key talent to rewarding and motivating high-performing sales people, from setting up company benefits plans to providing owners and key executives with estate planning and wealth transfer benefits.

    Whatever your style¬—C-Corp, S-Corp, family business or sole-proprietorship—Trilogy advisors have the tools to make your business our business and help you find new levels of opportunity and success.

    By partnering with one of our advisors you will find our commitment to get you the resources that are the right fit for your business, the right relationships with other professionals to help you flourish, and the right process to help you understand your business goals and how those connect to your own priorities. Whether you are the owner, a key executive, or a human resources manager overwhelmed by the choices in the employee benefits market, we are here for you with all of our resources for businesses small and large.

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How A Plan Comes Together


  • The Story of Their Lives

    How a Plan Comes Together

    Episode One:
    The Story of Their Lives

    It’s never just money. It’s the sum total of the decisions you’ve made to get this far and all the things you’ve learned to help make even better decisions into the future. Choosing a professional to be your traveling partner through the winding roads of your story is never an easy decision, and we don’t take it lightly.

    More About Our Clients
  • Trilogy is There

    More About Our Client Stories

    Episode Two:
    Trilogy is There

    As the world around us changes and we continue to evolve, our core reason to exist holds true: to raise up the next generation of independent financial advisors and in doing so help millions of Americans achieve financial independence. Every person comes to us comes with three competing stories: the past, the present and the future. And it is only through the alchemy of trusting relationships that these stories can roll into one.

    More About Trilogy
  • Finding the Next Great Financial Decision

    More About Our

    Episode Three:
    Finding the Next Great Financial Decision

    Too often financial planning is a set of boilerplate irrespective of the real story behind the money. We know better. We know that real people of all levels of wealth never stay on a straight line. Their life meanders, turned to the right and the left by unexpected events, new opportunities, transformed aspirations. Our work is made complete by our ability to traverse those turns with them,to follow their line, not ask them to follow ours.

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Stories We Love

Living Through Critical Illness
Living Through Critical Illness

Jerry, a successful executive at a financial planning firm, took financial planning seriously. Early in his career he took stock of his situation and tried to understand what opportunities his finances afforded him, but also what risks. But no matter what the calculation of risk, even Jerry probably didn’t imagine this one.

The Importance of Financial Compatibility for couples
The Importance of Financial Compatibility for couples

CBS4 in Denver took an engaged couple through Trilogy’s Financial Compatibility questionnaire to see if their marriage was fit to be tied financially. See what happened as Regional Vice President, Nick Richtsmeier, walks them through the results.
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Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey

Jeff, Motske, Trilogy's president and CEO was on the Steve Harvey show talking about the critical issue of financial compatibility between spouses. Check out what Jeff had to share and watch as he takes one of Steve's guests through Trilogy's own Financial Compatibility Quiz.
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Middle Class Scholarships
Middle Class Scholarships

Click here to watch Trilogy President, Jeff Motske, discuss the struggles of middle class students to receive scholarships and what little known options California students may have to help mitigate that cost.

A Model of Work/Life Balance
A Model of Work/Life Balance

Read about Trilogy’s culture of work/life balance and how it flows directly from the leadership of its president and founder Jeff Motske.

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Whats the Money For
Whats the Money For

Cheryl was introduced to Trilogy Financial while participating in a charity auction downtown. After a brief exchange, Cheryl realized that a conversation with this advisor could be beneficial for her as she has not reviewed her substantial finances for some time.

Facing the Possibilities
Facing the Possibilities

Janice was not unlike so many of our clients. Where life had taken her was far from her expectations would have imagined. Thirty years ago she was a happy young woman about to be married to “that boy.” You know the one: the boy that she’d glanced across the room at, wondered about, and really never expected to ask her out.
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Money Matters of a Second Marriage
Money Matters of a Second Marriage

It was a second marriage for both Jeremy and Laura. Like many people they knew, they had married their first spouses very young, had a couple of kids each and then… life took over.

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