Zach Swaffer
Wealth Advisor

"My planning process is centered on building a coaching relationship with my clients which enables me to construct a sound financial plan and make the necessary adjustments as life evolves"


Zach’s passion is coaching. After an injury derailed his athletic plans, Zach became a student coach to help develop and mentor his former teammates. During this time, Zach learned how much he enjoys working with others and watching them grow as individuals during the process of reaching their goals.

After graduating from Hillsdale College in Michigan, Zach started working at Chemical Bank, in their leadership development program. During this time, Zach decided to make the shift to becoming an advisor and turned his career to coaching others in financial planning and started with Trilogy Financial in 2018.

Zach joined Trilogy Financial for two significant reasons. The first, because Trilogy is an independent advisory firm which allows him to work in the best interest of his clients and choose products that are best suited for his client’s needs and goals. Finally, Zach found Trilogy’s emphasis on the coaching relationship that advisors develop with their clients. With a substantial background in athletics, Zach has seen the effects good coaching has on individuals and their progress. In addition to helping others finally, being active in the community is very important to Zach.

While living in Michigan, Zach is a founder of a non-profit called St. Max’s Fellowship for Teens. A non-profit organization that focused on providing safe, fun, and transformative mission trips for “at-risk teens.” Since moving to Denver, Zach has continued his community efforts by joining a local group called Warren Village Young Leaders. This group of young professionals works with a local non-profit that focuses on economic empowerment for single-parent families. Zach is also a member of the young professional’s board for the Colorado Special Olympics.

In his free time, Zach enjoys backpacking, hiking, attending concerts, reading, cooking, and playing recreational league sports.

ZACH's Client Relationships

Zach and his team support a wide variety of clients, but here are some of the groups he has built his practice around.

The Value of a Real Person

Whenever new technology enters the world there are two inevitable emotions: excitement and fear. The thrill of new possibilities tempered by fears of new tech failing to live up to the hype. Take, for example: Robo-advisors. A great example of the complexities surrounding emerging tech, Robo-advisors provide automated digital financial advice based upon algorithms and/or mathematical rules.


When Robo-advisors launched in 2008 they were heralded as the dawn of a new era in financial planning. Some experts even believed this advancement signaled the end of financial planning (and real, human financial planners) as we know it. Not so. Over a decade later Robo-advisors are still around; however, they have failed to take over the financial planning world as predicted and in fact many are shuttering their doors or seriously scaling back on size.


So what happened? Why did Robo-advisors fail to eliminate the role of humans in the financial planning process? At the end of the day, it comes down to human connection. While an algorithm can crunch numbers, make predictions, and even offer investment advice, it cannot form impactful and lasting relationships like a real human. Investment selection and management is a part of what financial planners do - but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Real, effective financial planners are there to prepare you for and coach you through life’s unexpected inevitables. What happens when some life event inevitably occurs or you have a pressing question about your financial plan and when you try to get an answer you reach an automated phone tree that leads nowhere? Unlike a Robo-advisor, a financial planner is a real human available to provide advice and support when you need it. Think of them like a coach for your finances!


True, a human financial planner may cost more than a Robo-advisor. But in return they provide much more value. A study conducted by Vanguard found that working with a financial planner can add about 3% to client returns with 1.50% of that coming from behavioral coaching (that’s half the value coming from coaching alone!). When you start working with a planner you are not simply hiring an investment manager. Instead, you are partnering with someone who will work with you as life evolves to achieve your unique priorities. As you progress along your financial journey you form a trusting relationship with your advisor, so whenever you have questions or concerns you know there is a real human you trust who will answer the phone and provide clarity for you.


If you would like to talk about your current situation or learn more about my planning process please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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