One type of situation with families thinking about retirement is when I meet with a husband and wife in their early 60's. They come to me because they know that they are behind in their retirement planning and are ready to make a change. Often, their income potential has been low and they have been unable to save very much towards retirement. We discuss at great length the importance of maximizing our wealth-building potential through monitoring of cash flow down to the penny. Along with paying off all non-mortgage consumer debt and increasing cash savings, we execute an investment strategy customized to their specific goals and appropriate to their risk profile.

Just as important, we implement a risk management strategy through insurance and a living trust that can help to protect the financial house from life's unknowns as well as allow future generations of their family to benefit from our legacy planning. Through comprehensive planning, this couple can change the trajectory of their financial future as well as their family tree. What I do as an advisor, is partner with people who are serious about their goals and develop strategies through real relationship building. This relationship equates to qualitatively better financial decisions over time. No matter what, we have a plan. Wherever their story takes them.

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