When was the last time you told your life story? What did you focus on? Your successes? Your failures? The good times or the bad?

Regardless of the frame of your life story – good or bad – what role did your finances play? If you’re like most people, telling the story of your financial life is about as pleasant as eating a bad oyster. If you knew ahead of time it would be that bad, you never would’ve eaten it in the first place. The problem is if you never sit down and tell your financial story, you never get to the best part where we break out the fine champagne, toast to your achievements, and live out your retirement the way that you have always dreamed.

This is where Trilogy begins. We ask you, right up front to tell us your story: the good, the bad, the successes, and the failures. We assure you that there is nothing in your story that we haven’t heard. We approach our clients with respect, for the life that they’ve lived, the hardships they’ve faced, the good deeds they have done, and the good fortune which, at certain times, shines upon us all. Our team acts from a space that is unheard of in the financial world. If you can even believe this, Trilogy acts on our clients behalf from a place of empathy. Can you believe it? It’s true.

We work for our clients because we care about your story, both the one you’ve experienced and the one you are still creating for yourself, your family, and your future. From there, regardless of where you’ve been and where you want to go, Trilogy puts your story and your dreams first.

If you’ve never told your financial life story, I challenge you to do so, and do so with Trilogy. You will not be berated or swindled. You will not be given a line of financial jargon. Rather, you will be heard. You will be respected, and you will find yourself realizing that your story is more interesting, engaging, and full of possibility than you ever imagined. 

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