Here’s an inside secret – A core principle of the finance industry is that it’s not about timing the market, it’s about time in the market.

Our world is overrun with information on what the future may hold. With one quick glance, we are bombarded with predictions and little or no means to confirm whether it is genuine information to be considered, or mere gossip, best to disregard. Information is defined as knowledge attained from investigation, study, or instruction. There a distinct difference between gossip and information. Gossip is based on what we think, assumptions, presumptions. It is the antithesis of information. Yet, the world, capitalism, markets, media, our beliefs and actions are founded far more often on gossip rather than information.

Of course, there are news sources that are reliable, and most human beings typically have a sense of self as distinct from others, whose beliefs and ideas may or may not differ from our own – and in general, we’re ok with that. But when it comes to planning our future, down to that moment of discerning the right versus wrong choice, the information is clear – the best way to have a sustainable and reliable future is to begin sooner rather than later. Start saving now and work with people who have devoted their education and careers to understanding and guiding you through the various details of a sound financial plan.

Here’s an inside secret – even those of us who spend multiple hours in the world of finance don’t know what the future holds. Neither does the media nor do the leaders of the world’s nations. The future is one great, vast unknown to everyone, and at its worst it paralyzes and stops us in our tracks when it comes to making important decisions. This inability to decide often has a deep and detrimental impact on one’s future financial freedom.

A core principle of the finance industry is that it’s not about timing the market, it’s about time in the market. With all the market swings over decades involving countries and industries, one trend is clear – the sooner one invests in the market, the more they can likely earn. Time, in this sense is both our greatest ally and worst enemy. Having the advantage of the long run is the one truth everyone in the industry knows, and it is perhaps the hardest one of which to convince our clients. “I’ll do it later” is the death knell of commitment to one’s future financial freedom, but we hear it every day.  Here’s another inside secret. Your future financial freedom has nothing to do with the future. It has to do with today. Your motivation. Your commitment to beginning right now, where you’re at, and with what you have. Your amount of money and its importance pales in comparison to the importance of your remaining time. 

Don’t attempt to predict the future. Certainly, don’t let the media guide your decision making. Instead, get started. Today. Don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate. Every time you think “I’ll do it later,” ask yourself if that is true. Will you? Have a team of loved ones and professionals who are committed to your success be the objective voice of reason for helping you achieve your goals and guiding you through the moments of doubt. Doubt is ok. Inaction is not. Take action and make 2017 the year of new beginnings that will benefit you for years to come. 

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