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  • Pay Off Student Loans Or Save For Retirement? 11 Ways To Balance Your Financial Goals

    With heavy financial burdens like student loans, rent, credit card payments and more, starting “adult life” on the right foot can feel impossible for many Millennials and Gen-Zers. These generations often receive conflicting advice about how to achieve financial stability: Some experts urge them to pay off their debts as quickly as possible, while others tell them to start building their retirement nest egg while they’re young. While both paths are ... Read more
  • The Best Question to Ask Clients – And Yourself

    Written by: Chelsea Emery | Jeff Motske has one of the strongest ways to tease out client priorities I’ve heard in quite a while. “What if?” Motske asks clients. “What if one if your partner needs critical care? What if you want to move to Arizona? What if one of your kids starts a family on the other side of the country?,” the CEO of Trilogy Financial asks. It’s deceptively ... Read more
  • Top CEOs Share How Customer Experience Starts With Culture

    When Jeff Bezos started Amazon -- originally called Cadabra -- he announced, “Our goal is to be earth’s most customer-centric company.” Today Jeff Bezos calls it "customer obsession." As I explored why customer focus is the primary driver of many of the world’s most successful companies, I was thinking about conversations I had over the past year with CEOs who through customer-centric models are leading their industries. What I found ... Read more
  • Most Outrageous Client Requests

    Written by: By Amanda Schiavo | In your career as a planner, you’re bound to meet a character or two. Plus, when you consider the unique bond that develops in an advisor-client relationship, it makes sense you will field some, well, unorthodox requests from clients from time to time. Scroll through the following list to see advisors' favorite anecdotes on baffling, funny and just plain strange queries. Click here to read ... Read more
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