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  • Working Well: Mike Broker Of Trilogy Financial Services On How Companies Are Creating Cultures That Support & Sustain Mental, Emotional, Social, Physical & Financial Wellness

    An Interview with Karen Mangia. — The pandemic pause brought us to a moment of collective reckoning about what it means to live well and to work well. As a result, employees are sending employers an urgent signal that they are no longer willing to choose one — life or work — at the cost of the other. Working from home brought life literally into our work. And as the ... Read more
  • The 5 Essentials for Smart Investing

    By: Jason Hartman | -- As a part of my series about The 5 Essentials of Smart Investing, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Broker. Mike Broker is a leader in the financial planning and investing space and understands the need to work diligently in the moment to build something great for the future. He began his fiduciary focused and financial advisory career in the beginning stages of the Great ... Read more
  • Time on Your Side: A Guide to Millennial Investing

    Millennials are characteristically known as the largest, best-educated and most diverse generation in U.S. history. However, saving for retirement, budgeting and establishing and maintaining a financial plan remains a challenge for millennials, according to the National Institute on Retirement Security.

    Read more
  • The Link Between Financial Health and Physical Health

    Thanksgiving - with its juicy turkey, rich side dishes (scalloped potatoes, anyone?), and an array of desserts—isn’t the most health-conscious holiday. But neither is the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday is one of the biggest consumer holidays of the year, with hoards of people lining up in the middle of the night to score deals on everything from clothes to cell phones to TVs. A spending frenzy won’t have the ... Read more
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