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    Welcome to Our Woburn Office

    Because Life Is About More Than Just Saving For Retirement

    We know your financial situation is as individual as you are. So whether you’re just starting out and need some financial education to begin your investment journey, or an entrepreneur navigating the business world on a budget, or getting ready to retire and enjoy the savings you worked so hard to put away, we can help. Our Advisors offer fee-based services and are ready with the expertise to help you strategize your finances no matter where you are because we believe everyone deserves to feel financially confident.

    Our Northeast financial professionals are here to serve you.

    We're Here For You

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pick up the phone and have someone on the other end with financial knowledge to guide you whenever you make a big-money move? Our Wealth Advisors do just that. We listen and advise and keep you on track. Because we believe the road to financial independence isn’t just about the future, it’s about a Life Plan that is with you when you need it, including:

    Financial Education
    Smart money decisions begin with financial education. Our financial planners are passionate about teaching and coaching individuals, families and business owners on the ever-changing financial landscape so you can pursue your long- and short-term goals. Read more in our blog.

    Tax Planning Advice
    One of the best ways to strategize putting more money in investments is by making the right tax moves. Our Wealth Advisors can help educate you on deductions and payment planning so you can seek to keep more of your money to grow it. Read more in our blog.

    Investment Strategies
    Whether you’re just starting to invest or are managing a lifetime’s worth of hard work, our Financial Advisors can provide knowledge, education and years of experience with the stock market. We’ll help you make informed choices to grow and protect your nest egg and plan for the future you always wanted. Read more in our blog.

    Plus much more.

    With Trilogy, you don’t just have an Advisor; you have a whole team in your corner. Our experienced professionals are investment fiduciaries. They are specialists in planning techniques, planning software and bring decades of experience in advanced protection planning. Their distinctive abilities enable us to give you customized guidance — coaches that will move toward achieving your real-life goals.

    Our Woburn location features a strong leadership team that includes:

    Tom Elkins, AIF® – is a VP of Wealth Management. As a former math and science teacher, Tom enjoys providing education so his clients can make informed decisions towards their goals. He works with families, corporations and non-profits. He mentors both his team members and youth interested in the financial industry. Additionally, numerous companies and municipalities hire Tom and his team to provide educational workshops for their employees. Tom is also a member of the Association of Financial Educators and My Secure Advantage, a financial wellness platform. Since Joining Trilogy in 2001, Tom has obtained numerous licenses and registrations, including the Series 6, 7, 24, 51 and 63 currently held with LPL Financial. He also holds the Series 65, held with Trilogy Capital, Inc., as well as Life and Health Licenses. He is one of Trilogy’s Top “Baker’s Dozen” Advisors* and recipient of the Largest Leap Award.**

    Dale Sarpard – is a Wealth Advisor. Dale has always known he wanted to use his innate passion for finance to elevate those around him. Through coaching and education, Dale hopes to offer a helping hand to the younger generation to correct the lack of understanding of personal finances that he sees as a prominent issue. He recognizes that the necessity and impact of financial planning, education and awareness is limited to no demographic boundaries.

    Mohammed Siddiqui – is a Wealth Advisor. He brings 35 years of senior management and business development skills acquired in corporate America. His genuine care for his clients, combined with his insight into financial planning for individuals and businesses, has resulted in his growing practice. His clients range in age from recent college graduates to people in retirement, and he focuses on their goals based on which stage they are in life. He holds the Series 65 Registration with Trilogy Capital, a Registered Investment Advisor, as well as a Life Insurance License. In addition, he’s been a board member of several non-profits whose aim is to uplift people.

    Joe Vita, AIF® – is a Wealth Advisor. Joe joined Trilogy in 2010 after successfully working in investment banking firms in the Boston area. Since joining Trilogy Financial, he has focused his attention on planning strategies for business owners and highly-compensated individuals, helping them mitigate their tax liabilities by utilizing qualified and non-qualified strategies. Joe is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) to qualified retirement plans (Defined Contributions, Defined Benefit and IRAs). He is the former Vice Chairman of the Boston Stock Exchange and was the President of the Business Conduct Committee of the Boston Stock Exchange. In addition, he was a member in good standing of the Boston Securities Traders Association.

    *The Baker’s Dozen is an award given to the top 13 advisors for the year based on total weighted production.

    **The Largest Leap Award is given to the advisor with the highest percentage increase in weighted production from the previous year to the current year and meets a minimum production requirement in the prior year.

    Let’s Build a Strong Financial Future – Together

    Finances are personal. You worked hard to earn the money you use to pay for today’s necessities and tomorrow’s dreams. Our financial professionals are here to help you develop a Life Plan that has you covered throughout your life journey.

    Dale Sarpard, Mohammed Siddiqui and Joseph Vita are solely investment advisor representatives of Trilogy Capital, and not affiliated with LPL Financial.

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