Marie Shtilkind
Wealth Advisor

"Helping others has always been my dream; I am very lucky to be able to do that as a career. Honesty, caring, and communication are key to what I do. "


Marie Shtilkind’s lifelong passion has been to help those in need. She was a big dreamer in school, thinking up ways to change lives, be it through charity or through action. At the intersection of caring about others and finance- which was always her strong suit- Marie found financial advising. The more she learned about it, the more she realized it was the right path to take. She wants to help people achieve their financial goals and financial independence, and help educate those who don’t even know where to start.

Marie is a Southern California native with Russian roots. Her family is a living, breathing example of the American dream, and taught her about hard work and perseverance. Marie is fluent in Russian and very proud of her heritage, and considers her family to be a huge part of everything she has and will achieve in her life.

Math, finance, and numbers were always Marie’s forte, which led her to her major in Business Economics at UC Irvine. Immediately after graduation, Marie started working with Trilogy, and has been here ever since.

In her free time, Marie enjoys baking, art, Latin and swing dancing, mixed martial arts, learning languages (she is working on being proficient in Spanish and French, and dipping her toes into Portuguese) and learning various other hobbies. She values the friends she’s made in various walks of life, and loves spending time with family and friends and meeting new people.

MARIE's Client Relationships

Marie and her team support a wide variety of clients, but here are some of the groups she has built her practice around.

(949) 221-8105 ext. 2113
  Strategic Partners



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