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No matter the stage of life or state of emotion you are currently in, there is always an opportunity bring a personalized, efficient financial game plan to your existing assets and current monthly cash flow.  Most of us are concerned about our financial future and spend a great deal of time thinking about a financial game plan that will best protect our current investments, build wealth and maximize our net worth.  Whether just starting a career, a family or planning for retirement, each life event along the way brings concerns including proper investment strategies, college tuition savings, tax reduction strategies, estate planning and social security.  Trilogy Financial will diligently create and execute a financial plan that will help reduce uncertainty, mitigate risk and prepare you for your next season of life. A plan catered specifically for you to achieve your goals and dreams.

Think about the importance of preparation and planning. Many have said, ‘Success is when preparation meets opportunity’ At Trilogy Financial, our seasoned advisors will provide you a with a comprehensive game plan to prepare for your financial future.  Planning is progress, not perfection, so Trilogy’s collaborative wealth advisors will help you begin with the end in mind, then work backward around your goals within the appropriate time frames. Trilogy’s advisors will be a resource for you today, and every step along the way as your plan grows and evolves.

Just as a great quarterback can lead a team to victory by calling the shots on the field, our advisors will act as your quarterback to plan the best game plan and lead you to achieve your end game…financial security. Certainly, adjustments will need to be made over time.  Your “opponents” will shift, and obstacles will arise, and with these, your priorities may change finding it necessary to make adjustments in your game plan.  For this reason, a “set it and forget it” game plan rarely works for most Americans and why having the ongoing skilled services of a qualified advisor is key.

A solid financial game plan will cover your needs in these seven crucial areas of financial planning:

Budgeting and Cash Flow

This area of planning addresses money in and money out. Once looking at your cash flow you can create a strategy for budgeting and cash flow management so that you can prepare yourself for the crtiical savings plan that you will need to reach your goals

Balance Sheet

This is an analysis of your current assets and liabilities. One big area of balance sheet management is controlling and paying down debt. But more than that, it also includes knowing what assets you have where. How are they invested? What risks are they exposed to? What are their tax treatments?


This area of planning proves to be the cornerstone of many people’s financial game plan. With the goal in mind of eventually not working anymore, most  Americans start thinking years in advance how to accrue the necessary benefits and assets to help plan for and protect a solid and secure retirement.


When you have children, this area of planning is critical. Whether you plan to pay for their education or have them pay, this increasingly large expenditure is critical to long-term planning.

Risk Management

All investments and asset classes carry with them some element of risk. Whether it be market risk, inflation risk, interest rate risk or a variety of others, a solid multi-faceted financial plan will help you understand your risks and choose which risks are reasonable given your goals and time horizons.

Tax planning

Because of the variety of account and investment types and their various tax treatments, understanding the tax implications of your planning decisions is key to making solid decisions over time.

In Estate Planning you making sure the assets you have will pass according to your wishes and ensuring your beneficiaries avoid unnecessary probate expenditures can be key considerations in this area.

Through these seven areas, planning principles are applied to your goals based on your unique storyline and the complexity of your situation. Based on this, Trilogy advisors will develop concepts for organizing your wealth and savings plan followed by a selection of products and services suited to your unique game plan. Our technology and systems in place allow the firm to service a broader (reach)realm of clients with greater depth.

As an independent firm, Trilogy does not own or have an ownership interest in any products or services, so your plan will be designed with only your unique needs in mind. Then, with collaborative relationships both in and out of the office, through advisory teams and strategic relationships with CPA’s and estate attorneys, your specific situation will be met with full, complete planning.

There may never seem to be a perfect time to get started, and change can be met with some anxiety. Let our team help you realize your end game so you can be at ease knowing your money is working for you while you can relax and feel confident knowing you are now working to achieve the goals you set out to accomplish.

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