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Financial Planning for Families

Financial decisions happen in the context of relationships. Whether you are single, married, a parent or DINKs. It matters little what your situation in life is, our relationships tend to be the place where our most important financial decisions get made, and ironically it tends to be the importance of relationships to so much of the financial industry ignores.

Your life a story being lived out chapter by chapter, plot turn by plot turn. There are people you meet along the way and the people who go the whole journey with you. Because Trilogy advisors strive to earn the right to be there with you wherever your story takes you, we work to help you understand the alignment between your relationships and your money.

We encourage you to look beyond the transactional ideas of simple rates of return or fees or 5-star rankings. While there are situations where all of these things matter, they are not likely to be the factors that lead to financial success or ruin (or all the options in between). Instead, it is our relationships and decisions with our family, our partners and the key professionals who guide us along the way that can make the greatest difference of all.

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