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$100,000 Minimum Investment

Model Investment Objective & Strategy

To pursue aggressive growth through high yielding dividend stocks which also maintain the possibility of capital appreciation. Companies selected for the maximum 30-stock equally-weighted portfolio will preferably maintain ample liquidity and sustainable earnings to help maintain and potentially grow dividend yield. Asset selection is based on a set of quantitative valuation metrics to screen for companies from the S&P500 which offer higher than average dividend yields.

Key Portfolio Attributes

Key Portfolio Attributes

Benefits of Dividends

Dividend-based investing has long been a standard mechanism for generating portfolio performance. While there is no guarantee that dividend-paying stocks will outperform non-dividend payers, a careful selection of fiscally healthy dividend stocks may provide beneficial performance to an overall portfolio. Dividends can produce a significant portion of a portfolio’s total return over time and we seek to invest in companies with a historical dividend rate and the potential for that rate to increase over time.

The payment of dividends is not guaranteed. Companies may reduce or eliminate the payment of dividends at any given time.

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