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$100,000 Minimum Investment

Model Investment Objective & Strategy

To pursue capital appreciation through a focus on mitigating potential downside risks. The strategy of the portfolio is to focus asset selection on historical defensive sectors (Utilities and Consumer Staples) which may be considered to not react to macro-economic shifts in non-correlating ways as well has had high barriers to entry for competing companies.

Key Portfolio Attributes

Key Portfolio Attributes

The utilities sector is comprised of companies involved with the delivery of electricity, gas, water, and other related services. Because the purchase of utilities is considered by most households to be non-negotiable regardless of market conditions, companies in this sector can be considered less affected by macro-economic conditions. Utility companies often carry large amounts of debt and can be adversely affected by rising interest rates because of this.

The consumer staples sector is comprised of companies which provide goods services regularly consumed by the American public. These goods and services may include food, beverages, housewares, tobacco products, clothing and prescription drugs Because many of these items are considered non-discretionary by US households, the sector can have the tendency to be less reactive to macro-economic conditions.

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