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$100,000 Minimum Investment

Model Investment Objective & Strategy

To pursue aggressive growth through capital appreciation in individual U.S.-based stocks without bias toward sector, size or company style. The quantitative metrics used for asset selection and eventual selling strategy are based on academically-driven deep-value methodology which seeks to purchase undervalued securities and systematically sell them upon attainment of a price target.

Key Portfolio Attributes

Key Portfolio Attributes

Deep Value Investing

While in CORE PORTFOLIO SERIES we attempt to address the general efficiency of markets, our SELECT PORTFOLIO SERIES exists to maximize opportunities where major inefficiencies in the market may appear. Much of stock market investing is driven by a focus on quarterly earnings reports, whether a company over-performs or under-performs expectations. When these under-performances happen in sequence a stock can get “beat-up” or given the perception that it is going to chronically under perform. Deep value investing goes in search of these kinds of companies who we believe still have long-term fundamental strength and have the potential to eventually rebound in price. Because of this, we may be willing to experience short-term volatility based on the belief in longer-term (3-5 year) opportunity.

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