Financial Coaches...are they necessary?

Having coaches for different aspects in life can be a game changer. They’ve kept me accountable to the goals I set for myself. They’ve helped me improve to higher levels and evolve to situations that seemed impossible.

As a Financial Coach I have the fortune to help a lot of families to improve and develop muscles that they didn’t know they had. There are different muscles you need to exercise to reach your financial freedom.  In this case, I’m going to discuss the muscle to say NO!

As an example, perhaps you are a working couple with adult children still living at home and somehow lost in your financial journey.  A little bit behind your retirement goal, but with enough cash flow to catch up right before retirement. 

Then one of you becomes aware of a “great opportunity” in real estate and thinks this is a once-in-a-life-time chance, so wants to pull ALL your retirement assets, (10 years before the allowed age), to pursue it. 
Here is where the need to say NO comes to play.  Are your goals in sync? Perhaps the husband wants the house for his wife, while she is happy in their current house and more worried about retirement but does not want to say NO to him.

You see, during your last stretch to retirement you don't have the luxury of being wrong in your financial decisions; there is not enough time to come back from them. So, ideally you’ll say NO to this “great opportunity” and stay focused on what is more important for you: retirement. 

It’s amazing how a simple Yes or No can change your financial future. In reality, there millions of Yes’s and No’s to reach financial freedom. Having a Coach can help you develop that mental strength needed to make the right decisions every day and also come back for the Yes’s and No’s you missed in your life.

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