Mission Statement

Trilogy’s mission is to provide innovative, practical, top-quality strategies and solutions that meet our clients’ financial needs. Our primary responsibility is to the Trilogy Financial staff, who, in turn, work toward helping clients reach their financial goals.

In carrying out our day-to-day business, we:
  • Treat everyone with respect, integrity, and honesty.
  • Believe our clients come first. They are critical to our success and are our best source of new clients.
  • Build a strong corporate culture within a positive work environment.

Through a long-term commitment to these principles, we will be known as a company that builds solid relationships with our staff and our clients, thus leading to continued financial success.

Core Values


We believe that financial services are dependent on clear communication and disclosure. We seek to clearly communicate with our clients the planning process and how it applies to them, and we look for the same honesty and disclosure from our clients. In essence, our work stands on the premise of honest dealing between Trilogy and its clients and Trilogy and its business partners. Our goal is that each one of our advisors can and does look in the mirror every day and be proud of what they do.


Financial Independence is a long-term game. Our stories don’t always go as planned; this is true in life as well and in business. Resilience at Trilogy is fundamentally about persistence and follow-through. We help our clients stick to the plan, even when obstacles and distractions may make that challenging or discouraging. We encourage every team member to stick through the challenges of building a successful career and keep the end in mind on everything they do.


It comes down to being who we say we are. There’s a lot of big claims that get made in the world of finance. Trilogy Financial has set out to focus its claims not on returns, not on the flash of products or niche investments, but rather on our commitment to our relationships. We seek every day to stay focused first on people, their stories, and the diverse destinations to which those stories may lead.


We love what we do. Our advisors got into this business because they believed that the opportunity to build an amazing career focused on helping others achieve their goals was possible. In a world full of cynicism and short-term thinking, Trilogy takes the risk of standing strong on our deepest beliefs: Our clients have lives they love. Our passion is to help those lives get smoother, happier and more independent through the inherent results of financial responsibility.


Staying positive in the face of obstacles is not a talent, it’s a learned commitment. In finance, as well as life, there is no shortage of things to worry about, imagining the worst case scenarios. We believe the greater vision, and our commitment to our clients and co-workers is to stay focused on the positive. We will work to see opportunity where others only see challenges. We will focus on the best us and in each other when others only see weakness. This realistic optimism forms the foundation of our financial planning perspective and the day-to-day interactions we have with our clients and with each other.


Because of Trilogy’s independence from owning any products or services, our perspective doesn’t begin with what we have sitting on the shelf. It begins with the unique story and goals of each client. By seeking to understand where their priorities lie and what goals they aspire to, we can then align our advice and our work with them to pursue those unique goals. By focusing on the client’s objective, we stay true to our mission treating every person with respect, integrity, and honesty.


At the end of the day, this work is not about us; it’s not about Trilogy. Our work, our mission, and vision, is about the health and success of our team of independent advisors and their ability to support and empower the health and success of their clients. We believe that without exception the well-being of our staff is the bellwether of the well-being of our clients. And for this reason, everything we do is really about you.

We believe that by living by these values and incorporating them into our everyday business practices we will succeed fulfilling our reason to exist: to create the next generation of independent financial advisors that will help millions of Americans achieve Financial Independence.

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