Business Planning

If you are a business owner you know how significant and diverse the challenges facing today’s entrepreneurs and executives. Whether you run a small individual business or one with 100s of employees, your financial decision making is intricately tied to the decisions you make about your business: how to manage it, how to grow it and, eventually, how to transition it in a tax-efficient way.

Trilogy is there for you as you manage all of the key areas of your business from tools to retain key talent to rewarding and motivating high-performing sales people, from setting up company benefits plans to providing owners and key executives with estate planning and wealth transfer benefits.

Whatever your style¬—C-Corp, S-Corp, family business or sole-proprietorship—Trilogy advisors have the tools to make your business our business and help you find new levels of opportunity and success.

Advisory services provided by TrilogyCapital, Inc,. a Registered Investment Adviser. Separate advisory and securities services may be provided by National Planning Corporation (NPC), a SEC Registered Investment Adviser and broker-dealer. Member FINRA and SIPC,. Certain registered representative with NPC are doing business under the name of Trilogy Financial. TrilogyCapital, Inc. and Trilogy Financial are affiliated by common ownership and are separate and unrelated to NPC. Please consult with your representative to confirm, on which company’s behalf services are being provided.