Mid Career

In a word: juggling. By the time your 30s are passing into your 40s, some of the great finish lines in your life are actually (if you can believe it) closer than the starting lines. Your last day on the job may be closer than your first day. The day your kids leave your house may be closer than the day you brought them home. And while there are likely to be literally decades of great days ahead, you start to look at the world a little differently, in part because all of sudden the world is so full.

Your parents are taking on years. Your spouse or significant other is considering a job change. If you have children, you’re thinking about college tours or trade school or whatever you need to do to ensure they don’t spend their 20s living in your basement. And then there’s you. Promotion opportunities, going back to school, remodeling the kitchen, taking care of your golden retriever’s hip problem. You’ve got a lot of balls in the air, and you’re juggling.

No better example of this exists than your financial life. It’s now become clear that you probably have more goals than money and as we’ve said, suddenly time is of the essence. While a few people get started earlier, and a few late bloomers try to catch up at the end, it’s generally in the throes of mid-career that many find the impending need for financial advice.

What’s going on in your story that needs a little guidance today? Can we help you keep the financial plates spinning?

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