Business Owners

Being a business owner is a life of juggling challenges and opportunities. With entrepreneurial spirit you likely took chances few others would take with a vision toward something that only a few could see. Congratulations! Whether that business is you and a few family members or one with 100s of employees, your financial decision making is intricately tied to your hopes and plans for the business. For most business owners it is your largest asset.

Where much business planning goes awry is in missing this key reality: the business is one, of what often is many, items on your balance sheet. And good financial planning is about managing the entire balance sheet, the risks and opportunities it creates, and the cash flow that makes it possible. Too many financial advisors only see businesses as a place to discuss retirement plans for employees. But we know there’s more.

Trilogy is there for you as you manage all of the parts of your business from tools to retain important talent to rewarding and motivating high-performing team members, from setting up company benefits plans to providing owners and key executives with estate planning and wealth transfer benefits. All this within a comprehensive plan which shows how your life’s work may truly provide you the long-term security you’ve imagined.

Owning a business is personal. We provide credible resources with current financial tools to help you make the decisions that could advance your tomorrows.

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