College Graduates

Upon graduating college or graduate school, many people consider careers in the financial services industry. Apply Now for Careers at Trilogy Financial There are often a variety of job opportunities and quick openings for career advancement. But without an enormous amount of research, it’s often difficult to know what to expect.

First, even though you just passed your final exams, you should expect to not hang up your studying hat just yet. Soon after beginning at Trilogy you will work with our experienced Training Managers and Managing Partners to help you pass the required licensing exams to begin a career in financial services. While many firms in our industry hand you a book or a website and say “tell us when you’re ready,” we believe in building our relationship with you from day one. We’re planning on your success and want to be a part of that process at every step of the way.

For most of our entry-level positions, your exam completion will lead you into TOP Training. Our “Trilogy Orientation Program”—where all advisors start their careers—is not just a place to learn the basic skills for career development at Trilogy. It’s also a place to meeting a variety of our senior management team. Take time to ask questions of 10, 20 and 30 year veterans, hear stories of client relationships decades in the making. But more than just training we’ll also work with you during TOP to help you find your own path. Through a process that Trilogy calls WDYWFY (What Do You Want For Yourself), we help new advisors envision a career path that aligns with their goals and values

At Trilogy, we provide all of the necessary training for new people getting started in their career. We have a comprehensive training program that will allow for a quick start into the industry, and a mentoring system, where our managers are willing to take the time necessary to make sure every new representative has the correct tools to get their career underway. From case analysis, lead generation mostly via referrals, time management, and personal skills, our managers are here to support our new representatives.

College typically trains people to get started in a “job”. In entering the financial services arena, you should be prepared to start a “career”. A professional career at Trilogy is an exciting opportunity for the right type of candidate. People with high levels of motivation, competitiveness, drive, ambition, entrepreneurship and wanting to get ahead in life should apply. The rewards and opportunities are meaningful, so starting early here can make a hug difference. Helping people plan for all of their financial goals and dreams and getting paid to do it is a win/win situation for everyone involved.

Get started pursuing your goals by helping others reach theirs at Trilogy today.

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