Enhance Your Career

Do you want something more from your career? Do you long for meaningful interactions Apply Now for Careers at Trilogy Financial with your clients where you know you are providing a service that will make a difference in the lives of those around you? Maybe you just want a change, a fresh start or a new outlook. Regardless of what field you are currently in: Airlines, Retail, Business Services, Consumer Goods, Legal, Banking, Medical, etc. there may be a home for you at Trilogy.

Anatomy of a Career Change

If you are like many of our advisors, you know how to do what you do well. You have acquired professional knowledge in retail or restaurant management or accounting or legal compliance or teaching. And you believed that your expereince would successfully take you up the corporate ladder, or at least provide inflation-adjusted income every year. And now you’re running into obstacles. Bureaucracy, politics, operational roadblocks. You’ve been down-sized, right-sized, aligned and restructured to the point where you don’t even recognize the career you began.

And what can be really frustrating is you know you have skills. But those skills are tough to explain in a resume to someone who doesn’t know your industry. While you know your skills can and should be transferrable, it’s hard to make other people say that.

Enter Trilogy. Our hiring process is driven by an analysis of repeatable behaviors and proven people skills. We’re not looking for the perfect resume or the person who won’t need any training. We like training. We like helping people reshape their talents into a financial planning career. And because of that we will work with you to understand your repeatable strengths more deeply and then apply those strengths in the world of financial advising.

Here there are no glass ceilings. Where you end up is up to you and we are there to provide you the tools.

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