Financial Solutions for your Business

Trilogy Financial Services - Corporate Office in Huntington Beach

Hire and Retain Top Talent

Attracting and retaining your best employees can be a challenge. To compete in the market place, there are affordable ways to offer benefit packages that can help attract and retain highly qualified employees. We can work with you to help you develop financial strategies as well as recommend the appropriate financial products and services that meet your financial objectives. Read More

Provide Financial Education and Increase Productivity and Retention

Click here to learn more about the tremendous advantages your organization can enjoy by providing this important service to your employees.

Reward and Motivate Key Employees

You know how valuable your top performers are. We can show you ways to reward and motivate your outstanding executives cost-effectively. Read more

Maximize your Own Pre-Tax Retirement Plan Savings.

Our experienced advisors are trained to understand not only the structure of your business, but also your very own personal preferences to help optimize pre-tax retirement plans. Traditional retirement plans are an essential element of an employee benefit package. Some plans can favor employees, leaving owners and highly compensated executives looking for different avenues to accumulate retirement savings. Our team of experts can assist you to avoid this problem by designing a plan tailored to your needs and priorities. Read more

Protect your Company from the Loss of a Key Person.

The death of an owner or executive on whom you depend can be very difficult. Your company's most valuable people are often the hardest to replace. A Key Person Plan funded with life insurance can help you protect your company. Read More

Provide Owners and Executives with Estate Planning Benefits.

Owners and senior executives often have complex financial situations that can make estate planning difficult. We can work with you to address every executive's specific needs. We'll help you provide the right strategies designed to keep your executives-and yourself-successful and satisfied. Read more

Ensure an orderly Transition of Ownership, and Protect the Family’s Wealth.

If your business is closely held, you will want to maintain control. And each owner also wants to know that his or her family will receive the optimum price for their shares of the business after an owner dies. A business continuation plan can help assure an orderly transfer of business.

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