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Facing the Possibilities

Janice was not unlike so many of our clients. Where life had taken her was far from her expectations would have imagined. Thirty years ago she was a happy young woman about to be married to “that boy.” You know the one: the boy that she’d glanced across the room at, wondered about, and really never expected to ask her out.

Well first dates became engagements and engagements became a beautiful ceremony in that little brown church on the corner. Two sons and a daughter and life was, you might say, as it should be. But as we all know life rarely stays that way. Andy Andrews is famous for saying, “We are all either in a crisis, coming out of one, or headed into one.” Janice was on her way into hers.

With a couple of adult kids, 15 years out of the work force taking care of the kids and her home, and out of nowhere comes a divorce. Janice, like many of us would, dusts herself off and reaches down deep for those old boot straps to see just how high they could be pulled. She was ready to face the possibilities of a different kind of life. She dug out and re-registered her old coaching certificate and went looking for work at the local community college.

When Janice met Trilogy, through the referral of a co-worker of hers, she was a few years into the volleyball coaching job at the community college. It was not well-paying and she picked up extra hours by working with kids at the YMCA and doing adjunct professorial work in the Exercise Sciences department. She was not—in her mind—the kind of woman who needed financial planning. That was for people with money.

And then there was the Envelope. The Envelope was full of the bills and creditors that had been piling up since her divorce. A nasty bout of water damage had destroyed most of her furniture just about the time as some unwanted dental surgery.

Janice and her Trilogy advisor, after much coaxing opened up the Envelope. They opened up her checking and retirement account statements too. Turns out she had carry over savings from the jobs she’d held decades ago, money she didn't even know existed. And after going through her cash flow line-by-line they found $400 in additional money she could save and eventually retire someday.

Turned out the Envelope bills were not nearly as bad as she had feared and they were paid off within three years. She was paying down debts while she was saving for the future, she knew what her money was doing and where it was going, and for the first time in as long as she could remember, she wasn't afraid of what financial tragedy would strike her next.

She moved forward into her financial life with a timeline to retirement and plan to address the emergencies that could (and likely would) ensue as life carried on. She was once again searching for those bootstraps, but this time, knowing that she could handle the future, whatever may come. She was ready to face the possibilities.

All “Stories We Love” combinations of various client experiences and do not represent any one situation. Because Janice is an aggregate of real experiences of other people, this Story We Love does not in any way represent an endorsement or client recommendation. All situations vary. To find out if your story correlates to anything you’ve read here, contact a Trilogy advisor.

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