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​Timing is Everything

January 05, 2017

Our events and seminars are not only knowledge based, but aimed to give attendees the best experience possible.

We, at Trilogy, strongly believe that an educated client is a good client. Financial consumers who know how their investments work and how those inner workings affect their long-term goals tend to make better decisions over time than those who leave their planning to the "professionals." For this reason, all of our events and seminars are not only knowledge based, but aimed to give attendees the best experience possible.

During a recent Trilogy event, three small businesses were among our invited guests. Going into the event they were skeptical, expecting a sales pitch or to be pressured into purchasing something. Pleasantly, to their surprise the presentation was not only educational but very valuable. They walked away with information they could use to help them plan for their businesses in the coming year. With the details the speaker outlined they were able to see opportunities for future growth and the presentation gave them out of the box ideas for specific communities to reach.

Anyone can make progress towards their updated goals. Each year we review client plans and renew savings commitments, and each year progress can be made. My goal is to help clients feel confident that they are going to arrive at the gates of retirement in exactly the financial shape they want to be in.


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Written by: Thomas Bennett

Tom Bennett is a Training Manager for the Irvine, California office. He is responsible for financial education of both his current clients and the newest Financial Executives at the Irvine office. Tom has 20 plus years of financial and investment experience which he uses to help build trust and long term relationships with current and future clients.

Prior to joining Trilogy Financial in 2011, he worked as principal and manager of Member Investment Services for SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union for 8 years. He earned his degree in Economics from the University of California, San Diego, and began his career as an investment and insurance executive in San Diego. Tom currently is a Certified Financial Planner ™ and an Investment Advisor Represenative of the National Planning Corporation (NPC).



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